Tips To Assist You In Finding And Retaining A Lawyer

The following information is offered to attempt to provide information to those seeking the assistance of a lawyer in areas involving family law, domestic relations, or matrimonial law matters. Use broad-based means such as your yellow pages, the Internet, or other forms of directory searches to obtain a wide list of firms or individuals practicing in the area(s) of law for which you seek assistance. After developing the "big" list, one way to refine the list is to then contact several of the firms and lawyers, and attempt to begin to determine your own level of comfort about the firm and lawyer. You may do this by asking questions, and, to the extent the firm and lawyer will, discuss the issues of your concern. After conducting as many such interviews as you feel are necessary, you will have refined your search into something of a "short list" of candidates. Thereafter, as your time and the lawyers with whom you have spoken allow, you may wish to narrow the search to 3-5 lawyers with whom you have, as a result of your efforts, begun to feel comfortable as to the firm and lawyer's knowledge and abilities, your ability to place trust in the attorney, and the lawyer's affordability factor to you. As soon thereafter as can be arranged, you will likely want to meet with the various individuals who form your select group "short list." After those meetings, pick the attorney in whom you most feel you can place your confidence, that you think can best accomplish your goals in the manner you wish, and who you can most afford.